The IT Launchpad blog helps Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) HQ and District Staff optimize their computing experience. We provides

  • reviews of the latest technologies and strategies,
  • productivity tips like how best to organize your desktop and task lists or how to get more out of Outlook, and
  • instructions for using UUA computing resources, like what software is available in the Video Studio.

We post weekly and offer timely follow-up to any questions. IT Launchpad is but one more manifestation of the ITS mission; using technology to foster communication and connection within the UUA, with UU congregations, and with the wider world.

The Bloggers

This blog is written by members of the UUA Information Technology Services staff group. James Curran is the lead writer with writing and editing support from Tim Griffin and Margy Levine Young. If you’d like to suggest or even write an entry, send them a note.

ITS Mission

We are stewards of digital resources and the computing infrastructure in which they live. We foster communication to spark and sustain connections among stakeholders and seekers. We mentor and provideĀ strategic leadership to further the goals of the Association.

Comment Policy

The administrators reserve the right to delete any inappropriate content from this blog, including but not limited to: irrelevant content, hateful content, financial solicitations, endorsements of a political candidate or party, attacks on an individual, and any other inappropriate content.